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Massage Etiquette

  • Kindly shower prior to arriving for your massage.
  • Arrive 5 minutes early to discuss any specific issues and or concerns.
  • Please turn off your phone or your notifications so that your session will not be interrupted.
  • Undress completely and lie face down on the table. (Draping provided upon request).
  • Communicate if something uncomfortable? Let the massage therapist know. They’ll usually ask at the beginning what kind of pressure you want; if you don’t know, tell them that, then be sure to communicate whether you like what they’re doing or not. In this type of setting, it’s not at all personal.
    You should also communicate at the beginning if you don’t want a certain part of your body massaged. For instance, I don’t like my feet being touched (because they’re ticklish, and I just don’t like feet), so I always let the therapist know before we start.
    That all said, do you need to make conversation? Feedback is okay as just mentioned, and some small talk is acceptable as well, but you certainly shouldn’t feel the need to chat. You can if you want, but it’s also totally fine to lay there in relaxing silence, close your eyes, and just enjoy the experience. In fact, falling asleep is common, and your therapist won’t be offended at all.
  • It’s not uncommon to pass gas during a massage. You’re super relaxed after all, and sometimes it just happens. Even though you’ll probably be embarrassed if it happens, no need to be, and the therapist will ignore it. Additionally it is common to have an erection during your massage. Don’t be embarrassed! It happens with most men.